Calendars of Hope for Sandy Hook

A few years ago I worked at Von Maur in Omaha, NE and experienced a mass shooting first hand. On December 5, 2007 a troubled young man walked into that store where I worked and took the lives of 8 others before taking his own. Some of them were coworkers I knew and loved while others were just doing some Christmas shopping - in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obviously there are no words to describe the loss and heartbreak that comes with this type of tragedy. Especially in the case of Newton, CT when it involves sweet children who were only just beginning their lives.

Because it hit so close to home, I wanted to do something to support the families of those who lost their loved ones in last Friday's tragedy and maybe spread a little hope. So I created these two calendar templates for the new year, each with a message of hope. All of the proceeds will be going to the Emilie Parker Fund which you can read about here. It's just a little way to wrap your arms around those families and those who were directly affected by the shooting.

If you'd like to join in my effort to give, you can purchase these for $10 here.