Fresh Studio - A Simple & Clean Marketing Set

I am all about keeping things simple and clean. Unless it comes to my closet...or my, or my bag...haha. If I wasn't so naturally chaotic and right-brained (messy), I would love to be a minimalist! There is something so satisfying about getting rid of the excess and appreciating the basics. I like things organized and simple but have a hard time cutting out the nonessentials. Sometimes even too much design can be over the top and confusing. Would you agree? That's why I decided to put together a simple, basic, straight to the point marketing set for all of you who love keeping it fresh and clean!

Fresh Studio Marketing Set | Buy Here

What it includes...

-Business Card (2x3.5)

-Referral Card (2x3.5)


-CD/DVD Case & Label (Mpix & Miller'sLab specs)

-5x5 Tri-fold Brochure

-2 Image Boxes (4x6 & 5x7, each holds 200 prints)

-Thank You Card (4x5.5)

-Post Card (4x5.5)

-Gift Certificate (4x5.5)

-Blog Header (930x300px - installation is not included)

-2 Desktop Wallpapers (1024x768px, 1280x1024px)

These templates have a clean and modern look with a slightly vintage feel. All layers are separate and color customizable to match your specific brand.

Thanks again to Anita from Rustic Star Photography for these gorgeous images!

What's your vote? Do you like things clean and simple or complex and detailed?