In January, when everyone was choosing a word theme for the new year, I decided on "sweetness" for mine. Here's the definition I had in mind...

Sweetness -

noun. the feeling of delight and satisfaction; enjoyment in small things 

I admit I haven't done the best job this year of pausing and enjoying the small details of life. It was too easy to get caught up in my busy schedule and focusing on all I had to get done. But before the year's end, I want to give it another shot and it would be awesome if you joined me!

Share Your Sweet Details

On Twitter & Instagram, I'm going to aim for sharing at least one sweet moment or thing I'm loving each day. I'd love to see the details of your everyday life and the things you're grateful for as well. I think it will encourage me to be purposeful and make better memories.

To join me, just add the hashtag ---> #sweetness to your Twitter or Instagram post. 

Here are a few ideas for getting started...

During Your Day

Getting up with the sun // wearing cozy socks // daily dance workouts // reading books under cozy blankets // sipping fruit smoothies // painting and scrapbooking even if it never becomes a masterpiece // having good music in your headphones // journaling near an open window

Fall Weather

Getting outside for a walk // carving pumpkins // raking leaves and jumping in at least one pile // going camping and roasting hotdogs // cozy sweatshirts // college football party // going on a leaf hunt // hayrack rides // photo-shoot under the trees // hot cocoa with marshmallows

Friends & Family

Long deep hugs from the boy // family walks together // holding hands // watching the stars // drinking tea on the porch // dressing up for a night on the town // planning sweet surprises or  gifts // sharing chores to make them fun // going to concerts together // dancing in the kitchen // watching the sunset // praying for them

The Workspace

Be bold with color // displaying encouragement notes // buying flowers for the desk // playing fun music in the office // delighting someone with a freebie // collaborating with another creative // getting to know inspiring people // resting when the day is done 

I am so excited to see your ideas and the sweetness in your day! To be sure I catch your post, add @lauriecosgrove at the end or send me a message.  

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