Motivation: Is Your Business Growing or Headed for Trouble?

Wise1 My husband is awesome at picking friends. He is really careful with who he spends his time getting to know. He almost always listens to the very best of teachers. I'm pretty sure it's a subconscious thing, but he's like a magnet to really wise people. And I see him constantly growing wiser because of it.

One of my ex-boyfriends on the other hand was constantly hanging out with losers and trouble-makers. They could really care less about anything. They wanted to do the least amount of work possible to get by. And by hanging out with them, he quickly became a magnet for trouble too.

I don't know how today's motivation turned into my dating history haha.

But it's so true how that works. Hanging out with wise people makes you wiser and hanging out with fools gets you in trouble. So when it comes to your life and your business, who do you make a point to spend time listening to? Whose steps do you follow after? When you run into a problem, who helps you figure it out?

Just to clarify - by wise, I don't mean the stereotypical professors with glasses who sit around their dens and think deep thoughts. Wise means experience-smart, not book-smart. For example, my husbands friends are actually some of the most fun, full of life people to be around and constantly joking. They weren't all straight A students but what makes them wise is that experience has taught them to make good decisions. They are knowledgeable about the way life works. They are full of integrity, putting a lot of purpose into what they're doing.

On the other hand a "fool" would be someone who is careless. They could really care less. They want the easiest, quickest route with the least amount of work. And usually they are surrounded by drama and trouble.

If you want to be successful, making good decisions about your business and becoming an expert, take a peek at who you're surrounding yourself with. Who are you taking advice from?

Today's challenge (for me too) is to find ways to "walk" with those who are wise.

Maybe it's an online expert in your field. You could regularly follow their blog feed, leave comments on their posts to start a conversation. Use social media to ask them questions and build that relationship. If they offer online classes, take them even if it means you need to save up to learn from them.

Or maybe it's someone in your life you who is making good calls. If they are someone higher up that you want to get to know, maybe this means straight out asking them to mentor you. Or if you want to be more laid back about it, just ask them to lunch. Take small steps to find out what experience has taught them and then you'll grow to be an expert too.

Stay motivated!