video classes

Join me for any of these 1-hour video design classes on Skillshare

Typography wall art: Create fancy prints for your home + shop

Show off your creativity and favorite phrase with typography wall art! In this class I'll be teaching you how to put your best quotes, taglines or phrases into a fancy design for your wall. 

In just one hour you'll learn...

  • Basic design rules to follow when laying out your wording
  • Three fun ideas for bringing your type to life in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Ideas for how to print, display and sell your finished artwork

Create multiple art prints to bring motivation to your workspace or some fun additions to your gallery wall at home. You might even end up creating your own online shop of prints.

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getting started with card templates: save hours in photoshop

In this class I'll show you how to use pre-designed templates to speed up your workflow and save you time in Photoshop. If you're a photographer or designer, this can be a great way to impress your clients and increase your productivity! I'll also share how I sell templates online so you can easily do the same. Coming July 2017!

Photography workflow: tools to speed up your post process

If you're a photographer, you know taking great photos is only the first step in producing an amazing photo. In this class, I'll show you how to use presets, actions, templates, and more to speed up your post process workflow. We'll walk through some tools in Photoshop & Lightroom that can save you loads of time and help you showcase your best work. Coming September 2017!