10 Gifts Creatives Will Love - Holiday Gift Guide

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that creatives are the MOST fun people to buy gifts for. Or at least you can be sure that everything you buy for them you’re probably going to want to order a second for yourself.

Whether your creative is an artist, designer, photographer, blogger, musician or “too unique to be labeled as just one thing” they will probably be super happy to receive one (or all) of the items on this list.

So before you reach for that gift card (don’t do it!), I’m gonna suggest ten gift ideas for the creative in your life that are practical, beautiful and made for those artsy Instagram images.

10 Gift Ideas for Creatives


1 . Wireless headphones - Wireless headphones are the BEST for keeping that creative motivation going. You can listen to inspiring music or podcasts while cleaning, painting, or working on multiple projects.

Note: These are the most pricey item on the list, but they just might be worth it for the sound quality. There are plenty of less expensive options out there though if they’re a little beyond your gift budget.

Apple Pencil - Gift Ideas for Creatives

2. Ipad Stylus - The ability to draw right on the screen is amazing for artists, illustrators, letterers, and anyone else who just needs to use their right brain to get those notes down.

The Apple Pencil is my top fav but again, there are less expensive options. I’ve also had good luck with the Adonit Pixel.

Marble laptop case - Gift guide for Creatives

3. Marble Laptop Case - These marble laptop cases with a hint of rose gold are gorgeous! Janet Gwen Designs has a few different marble styles that will instantly make your creative feel like a boss the minute they pull out their laptop.

Madness Planner - Gift gui

4. Madness Planner - A planner with skulls and death references? Yes please! This planner is actually pretty amazing for goal setting and helps you to live your life to the fullest. Plus those simple and clean pages are sure to make every designer happy.

Iphone Lens Kit - Gift ideas for Creatives - Holiday gift guide

5. Iphone Lens Kit - It’s almost impossible to know when inspiration will hit or when the perfect Instagram photo will present itself. That’s why it’s handy to have a camera attachment for your phone to take those images to the next level without carrying around a heavy DSLR.

Travel Mug by WInship & Rose on Society 6 - Gift Ideas for Creatives

6. Travel Mug - What do just about all creatives have in common? A love for coffee of course! These awesome botanical patterned travel mugs will make sure that coffee and inspiration is available at all times.

Winship and rose has a lot of gorgeous black and white patterns to choose from if you need to pick up a few gift mugs.

One Year Content Planner - Gift Ideas for Creatives

7. One Year Content Planner - No more last minute posts or inconsistent content weeks. This printable content planning workbook will help creatives to focus and plan a one year’s worth of blog and social posts.

The designer is pretty awesome too. Just saying:)

Transparent Wall Calendar - Gift Ideas for Creatives

8. Transparent Wall Calendar - How amazing would it be to plan your week or month on this beauty?! It’s clean and minimal enough that you can essentially use it forever. You can help your creative buddy get organized and remember all those plans you made.

Letterboard by Letterfolk - Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives

9. Letterboard - Help your creative friend truly express themselves with a customized message in their workspace, shop or Instagram feed. How else are they supposed to stay motivated without a quote of the day?

4 Things Tote - Gift Ideas for Creatives

10. 4 Things Tote - My sisters and I each have one of these listing our favorite things. You could even get one for your entire creative team. Pick your most favorite things, a four-lettered inside joke, or use your brand’s tagline for free advertising.

Also these spread hope to orphans in Haiti so they’re extra fancy.

I hope that helps you in all of your shopping adventures!

Did I miss anything? Share your favorite gift ideas for creative types below!


Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives