How to Stop Comparing For Good By Learning To Use Your Strengths

Learn your strengths and stop comparing

Comparing yourself to another creative person or business can be really unhealthy. 

You probably know this. 

But you probably also know how addicting it is to check out your competition anyway. You might find it almost impossible to avoid analyzing what they do. 

One minute you're excited about your own plans and finding purpose. The next minute you're eyeballing your neighbor and feeling behind and insecure. 

After seeing what they're doing, you're not so sure you measure up and find yourself second guessing your decisions. I noticed myself getting into this negative cycle a few weeks ago and was surprised to find a really easy way to end it. In Whitney English's BizDesigner's Plan Course, she encouraged us to take a few tests to learn our strengths. This advice came at the perfect time and completely shifted my thinking. 


Here's what I discovered...

When you're looking at someone else and their actions, they pretty much become your definition of success.

For example if a dress looked good on a friend, you might subconsciously want to buy a similar one thinking it will make you look good too. But you're not taking into account that we all have different skin tones, body types and personalities. You need to buy a dress that highlights YOUR specific features and assets. You can't find them by checking out someone else's style.

You have to check the mirror and appreciate what God gave you.

The same holds true for your business, blog, home, family, etc. You've been given one-of-a-kind gifts in the form of your personality, experience, abilities and strengths. I'm betting that if you were to discover them, it might make you stop being frustrated at yourself for not "measuring up" to the ideal. Maybe the "ideal" you've created in your mind (by comparing) isn't the standard you should be trying to measure up to.

Here's what happens when you learn your strengths...

1. You won't get burned out as quickly. 

Why? Because you're not wasting extra brain energy on pretending and performing. You'll simply be doing what comes naturally. You'll be intentional about saying no to what isn't a good fit for you.


2. You'll stop feeling so inferior.

Why? Because you'll see difference TYPES of awesome instead of different LEVELS of awesome. Someone else's strength shining through won't diminish your confidence at all because you won't be in competition. 

3. You'll start to see a lot of opportunities for good.

Why? Because when you know what your strengths are, you'll be able to use them to help others who might be weak in those areas. You can team up to mutually benefit each other and save each other time and struggle. 

4. You'll start making more money.

Why? Because knowing what makes you special helps you to be purposeful about growing those gifts. You can also more clearly educate customers on the value you're bringing to the table. 

Ready to learn your strengths? You can take a test here, here, or here

Tip: Try taking multiple tests to be confident in your results. If you see a similar gift a few times, that's further proof you have that strength. 

Once you find out what your strengths are, come back here and share them! I'd love to chat about how you can use them for good.  

xo, Laurie

Images via Death To The Stock Photo