5 Free Ways to Create An Inspiring Workspace


This post is Day #21 in the 31 Days to a Better Work + Life Balance series.

I don’t know if this is an "all creatives” thing or just a “me” thing, but I have to be in the right mood to get serious work done. Sometimes if my work gets interrupted with a problem or I read negative feedback, that’s it. I’m totally done for the day. 

To get that motivation and creative flow going again takes a ton of effort. It’s really inconvenient!

I’ve been realizing how helpful it is to have an inspiring workspace in these moments. A great place with minimal distractions and bits of a sweet atmosphere really do make a difference in how motivated I am to work. 

If you’re like me, but don’t have thousands of dollars to put into a Pinterest-worthy office, no worries!

Here are 5 totally free ways to create an inspiring workspace...

1// Cozy Lighting

If you’ve got a room with a window seat where natural light can flood in, that can be a super peaceful place to work during the day. But if you don’t have windows or if you like to work at night, see if you can borrow a cozy lamp for your workspace. I sometimes steal this lamp from my bedroom if I have to work in my office at night. It adds so much atmosphere and literally begs me to sit down and get to work. 

2// Good Music

I don’t know what I did before Spotify, but upbeat music makes everything more fun. It can totally transform my mood from relaxed and sleepy to energetic and motivated. I also love that putting on headphones immediately says “leave me alone” to everyone else so I’m not constantly interrupted.  

3// Your Branding

Colors, patterns and things that remind you of your brand are really helpful for creating a separated space if you work at home. A colorful stack of books, pretty cups/mugs as penholders or objects that are just “you" are probably already in your home. Just go on a search and find creative ways to add these branded items to your workspace.

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4// Order

This isn’t always fun to do but it’s really nice to have order in your space. Not many people find it inspiring to sit down and work in a disorganized office. So unless you work best in a mess, put a little effort into straightening your place. It also helps when you don’t have to stop the workflow to dig through piles for what you need. 

5// Truth & Sweetness

Great work always attracts some criticism. So it helps to have reminders of truth and sweetness in your space for those hard moments. Frame a verse or quote that sums up why you love what you do. Hang up photos of people who believe in you. Write some of your encouraging feedback on notecards. Filling your workspace with positivity can help balance out some of the negative.

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What do you add to your workspace to keep it inspiring?