5 Ways to Bless Your Person

Who's your person?

For me, it's my husband Stephen. He's the best. 

He doesn't get mad when I finish his sentences even though I'm wrong 80% of the time. (I just can't help it. He talks too slow!)

He doesn't make fun of my ridiculous way of speaking. Like how I use the word "fun" to describe everything. Or my use of phrases like, "Did you get enough sleeps?" "Quit being a grumpo."  

He's also a big encourager. He lets me share about my creative ideas and since he's a man of action, he's there pushing me to do them instead of just dream:) I love that he can be random and silly but then super wise and intellectual when I need to talk. Obviously we both have flaws but I love how quickly he says sorry and how quickly he forgives. He pretty much rocks. 

I think the best thing you can do for your marriage/relationship is compete for who can out-serve or out-bless each other. Taking a second to be thoughtful and boost the others' day has a huge payoff in the long run. So here's five little ways to bless your person...

1 / Wake Up When They Do

This only works if they leave before you in the morning. But if your husband is usually up and out the door before you get out of bed, try waking up early. Heat up his car. Make him coffee. Pack his lunch. Eat breakfast together. Make sure he's got keys, wallet, glasses, etc. so he won't be late from searching. Those are all small things you can do to start his day off right.

2 / Send Sweet Notes

You don't have to be Shakespeare. But if you can keep up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can probably send a few quick texts to your man. Send him a joke or silly selfie. Tell him one thing you think is awesome about him or one thing you're grateful for. If you wake up early to pack his lunch, sneak a paper note in. Send him an email asking how his day is going or what you can pray for. Tell him you're excited to see him later. It doesn't take much.

3 / Buy Surprises

Don't wait for big events to buy your person little presents. The key is in the presentation. If you're just picking up something they just ran out of like deodorant, wrap it up with something fun like cologne (Make sure he knows it's not because he stinks haha). Everyone loves to get happy mail so order him something fun online so he'll get a surprise package. Even if you only have a dollar to your name, you can stop at the gas station and buy his favorite candy bar. Think small but often.

4 / Be Cuddly

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to show affection. Greet your guy with a hug at the door. Hold his hand in the car. Sit extra close when you're just having a chat. Link arms when you're out for a walk. Lay your head on his chest during movies. Take a cue from my husband's grandma and sit on your husband's lap! (Sweetest pic below.) You don't have to be newlyweds to be adorably cuddly. 

5 / Get Up In His Mix

Dates are fun but sometimes the best way to grow closer is just joining in with the everyday stuff. One of the things I learned from having an autistic son is the art of joining. Basically it's noticing what the other person is already doing or interested in and then making yourself a part of it. Even if you're bored to tears and have to keep it short, make an effort to ask about details of what they're into. If hobbies just don't work, help him with chores. Do dishes or yard work as a team. Some of the most fun you can have together is when you're getting dirty and silly and out of your element. 

Obviously everyone is different and receives love differently so these things may not always work. You probably know your husband best so find which things you think he'd love and give it a try. You might be surprised out how competitive he'll get to bless you back.

xo, Laurie

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