5 Ways to Deck Out Your Workspace for the Holidays

Usually by this time of year, many of us already our tree up and the house decorated for Christmas. But what about your workspace or office? 

Sometimes I think this area gets neglected because it's for "business use only" but it can actually be really fun to make this space festive. Maybe adding some holiday decor can remind us to let the hope, joy and kindness of the season spill over into our work life.  

Don't have a lot of time and money to spend on such a temporary season? No worries! 

I like to keep things cheap, simple and purposeful when it comes to office decor. The point isn't to make a huge impression as much as creating a peaceful environment. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to bring in the holiday atmosphere...

5 Ways to Deck Out Your Workspace for the Holidays

1// Lighting - For me, nothing makes a bigger difference than a cozy lit space. This makes it more likely for me to get work done at night or early mornings. Just hang a strand of twinkle lights, string lanterns, snowflakes, or whatever glowy items you have on hand. Maybe it's just a simple scented candle for the season but add a little shine.

2// Festive Prints - If you're short on time and money (pretty much all of us this time of year after holiday shopping!), printing out a few holiday designs for a quick bulletin board makeover can be so simple. You can check Etsy for some festive printables (instant download = yes!), create your own art or sift through a magazine for some pretty details to pin up. Mine are from Paper Canoe Printables.

3// Hang Ornaments - Who says ornaments are just for the tree? Hang a star above your desk, fill a bowl on your shelf with colorful balls or string up a homemade garland of ornaments like this one

4// Desktop Wallpaper - Since you'll probably be looking at your screen the majority of the workday, it makes sense to dress it up with a little sparkle. You could also add a quote or verse to remind you what really matters this time of year.

5// Warmth - I'm sure none of us likes the idea of getting out of a toasty warm bed to go to work in a chilly office. Adding a little heater to a cold workspace goes along way. Anyone else suffer from a freezing cold mouse-hand? Grab some fingerless gloves, a warm drink or a soft blanket for your computer chair to add a little bit of extra warmth.

Bonus Tip: I think the office is also the hardest place to be still and find joy. Being surrounded by to-do lists, unanswered emails, and problems to solve it can be overwhelming. So something I like to do during the holidays is start my workday with a five-minute advent video or daily devotional. Beginning with a little sense of calm, praying over my work and giving thanks for all I have can be such a game-changer for the way my workday goes. Try it!

Do you deck your office for holidays? What items are your favorite to add in?