9 Type Trends to Try

Font trends

Image credit: Helvetica Mug

Can I admit something really embarrassing?

I'm a closet type nerd.

I don't wear "I Heart Helvetica" t-shirts or go to TypeCon or anything that extreme. Though I kinda wish I did.

I'm a type nerd because I can't stop paying attention to fonts. My husband makes fun of me by saying, "Hey look at the graphics!" every time we see some sweet type.

What can I say? Good typography makes me happy. Bad typography makes me sad. So yes, I definitely fit into the nerd category!

But I thought I'd get it out there so that I can share a useful part of my obsession...Here's 9 modern trends in type and some resources to get each look for free!

Alright, let's go!

Look #1 - Thin Sans Serif -

Try these free: Quicksand | GeosansLight

Look #2 - Bold Sans Serif -

Try these free: Bebas Neue | League Gothic

Look #3 - Thin Serif (Thin Slab Serif)

Try these free: St. Marie | Enriqueta

Font Trends 2

Look #4 - Slab Serif

Try these free: Chunk Five | Bevan

Look #5 - Retro Scipt

Try these free: Lobster | Pacifico

Look #6 - Chalkboard

Try these free: Homemade Apple | Sketch block

Font Trends 3

Look #7 - Italic Serif

Try these free: Bodoni MT | Otama.ep

Look #8 - Retro Outlines

Try these free: Grande Andretti | Seaside Resort

Look #9 - Handdrawn

Try these free: Journal | Rock Salt

Can you appreciate a good font? What's your fav?