9 Ways to Boost Your Energy & Be More Productive

9 Ways to Boost Your Energy & Be More Productive | Tips to add joy + life into your workday

This post is Day 25 in the 31 Days to a Super-Purposeful Schedule series.

I have a bad habit of going full speed all day and forgetting to take care of the things that keep up my energy. I try to be productive, conquer all the things on my list and then just collapse at the end of the night. If that cycle happens too many times in a row, it always ends in one of three ways: Sickness. Stress. Exhaustion.  

If you struggle with the same cycle and often feel like you have no energy left to give, today I'm sharing a few ideas that might help us out. 

9 Ways to Boost Your Energy + Productive

1 | Nap

Take a power nap! 10-20 minutes is enough to recharge for the rest of the day. When I was pregnant I used to do this almost daily. My husband's workday ended right as the other kids were waking up from their naps. So about 20 minutes before he'd get home, I'd take a quick power nap and it always helped me get through the day. 

2 | Move

I know, I know. Who wants to workout when you already have no energy? But maybe the reason why we have less energy is because we aren't moving. This is one of my goals for the winter - to find a fun dance workout that I'll look forward to doing regularly. A little exercise can help us to have more energy for the things we really want to do.

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3 | Chug

Trade in sugary coffee, juice and soda drinks for water. I thought drinking less coffee and soda during the week would make me more tired, but I actually feel more energetic drinking straight up water most days. The other drinks gave me a short-term energy boost and always ended with a crash or afternoon slump.    

4 | Fuel 

Fill up on real food. It makes sense that what we put into our bodies is probably equal to the type of energy we'll get out. So if we're filling up on junk food and fast food we're going to be more grumpy, anxious and unable to think as clearly. We'll be able to go much further if fill up on the right kind of fuel.  

9 Ways to Boost Your Energy

5 | Hang

Surround yourself with positive buddies. Negative relationships can drain the life right out of you. So sticking with people who see the best in you and can make you laugh on a regular basis instead can really give you more energy. If you can't escape the negativity, at least keep a positive friend in your inner circle. 

6 | Word 

Reading the Bible and praying every day can give you so much life. Try starting your day this way for a whole week. Even if it's only a few minutes, the shift in perspective and peace that it brings makes it so much easier to focus on what's important. Having a sense of purpose is a huge energizer.

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7 | Fun

If you've ever seen a bored child moping around the house, you can get a sense of what you might look like if you're missing some fun in your life. Don't feel guilty for spending time each day on a hobby or something that brings you joy. Doing something we love, not for money or approval, but just for the fun of it is super energizing. 

8 | Breathe

Even if you're not an outdoorsy type, we all need some fresh air. Get outside for just a few minutes and soak up the sun. (And if it's raining or snowing you'll really wake up!) Stick your face to the sky and just inhale. Appreciate being alive. Being present in the moment and breathing it all in is a super quick refresher.  

9 | Volunteer

Do a selfless good deed for someone else every day. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you know you did something nice that you didn't have to do? It's energizing and life-giving. So you aren't just helping someone else, but you're helping yourself too. Volunteering your time and effort even just for a minute can give you a boost that lasts all day.


Choose a few ideas from above to improve your energy level. Try them for a week and see if you notice a difference? Take a quick survey of your current energy level in the workbook to see where you need to make some changes.