The Art of Batch Processing

Batch Processing - grouping tasks to become super-productive

This post is Day 9 in the 31 Days to a Super-Purposeful Schedule series.

This week we are talking all about the art of batch processing. 

Batch processing in this case simply means grouping tasks together that are similar so you don't have to repeat unnecessary steps over and over. I'm a huge fan of grouping things together in order to be more efficient. Even when it seems like it only saves minutes at a time, those minutes add up. 

Here are a couple example scenarios to paint a picture of what I mean...


You’re hosting the holiday Christmas party this year and need to make 14 dozen cookies before the big event. The weekend before the party, your boss tells you to make all 168 cookies one at a time just to ensure they will come out absolutely perfect.


You're getting ready to load a sink full of dishes into the dishwasher when your neighbor suggests you only wash one dish in the dishwasher at a time to make sure they come out looking sparkling and flawless.

Why would you think these suggestions were crazy? And if you were to attempt to do each one at a time, how overwhelmed would this suddenly make you?

The Art of Batch Processing to Increase Productivity

There's a reason you don't bake one cookie at a time or wash one dish at a time in the dishwasher. It's a giant waste of time and resources. Putting together a batch process can increase your productivity exponentially. Not only are you saving yourself a lot of extra work, you're saving yourself a lot of extra mental stress. 

If you were to bake one cookie at a time, think of how carefully you'd be tempted to measure and form the cookie. You would notice all of the imperfections in the shape and could even spend an endless amount of time worrying about the tiny details. Those details may not matter to anyone but you.

Focusing too much on a single task and obsessing over perfect results can carry over to EVERYTHING we do. 

But batch processing helps us focus on the grand scheme of things and keeps us from getting overwhelmed by the small details. I'm excited to jump into the following areas this week: Social Media, Blogging, Cooking, Cleaning, Projects, Emails, and Photos. 

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Today's Action Step:

Think it through - are you letting perfectionism, performance or approval control your productivity? Are you willing to make changes in how you plan and carry out your tasks?