Biz Love - Our Small Business Retreat!

Biz Love Retreat What is more fun than creative sisters, delicious food and nerdy business talk? Haha not much!

Over the last four months or so, my sisters and I have been meeting up randomly for what we call "Biz Love Retreats." All three of us run a creative business of some sort and it just made so much sense to meet up and share ideas and critiques. I even put together a little workbook for us to analyze the major areas of our businesses and give us a sense of what's working and what needs improvement. I'm making it sound lame, but for me it was SO. MUCH. FUN! (Maybe some of that had to do with my good company:))

Biz Love Retreat

Our first meetup was downtown in Omaha's Old Market at Aroma's coffee shop which also features Bliss Cupcakes. The inside of this place is super cozy but we opted to spend most of our time outside so we could be loud and obnoxious haha. No but we DID get a little work done though, see?

Biz Love Retreat

We also met up for lunch at Saigon Surface which was a perfect spot for a meeting because they have mounted iPads on the wall at our table. Awesome right? So we didn't even need to pull out our bulky laptops and could see our websites for reference.

Biz Love Retreat

I'm going to be sharing some of the things we talked about over the course of the next few weeks so you can follow along and give your own biz some love! One of the first things we decided to do was give each other high fives. Before getting into all of the things we needed to improve, it was good for us to address what we've accomplished and loved doing so far. We jotted down a few stats and testimonials to give us some encouragement and remind ourselves where we've been. Here's a sample page from the workbook so you can give yourself some biz high fives too!

High Fives

I'll share more about the book and our biz love tips in the next few weeks. You can see more of my sisters and their work here and here.