Blog Your Photography Sessions Faster With Blog Boards

"I'd love to show more of my photography but I just never have time to blog the sessions."

I recently heard this from a photographer I know who was beyond frustrated. Her work is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure people would love to see it and share it. But she doesn't have the extra hour or two a day it takes her to organize the session into a collage and then write about it. If this is you too, I don't think you're alone!

It takes a lot of work to put together a post, especially if you are custom designing a blog collage in Photoshop every time. But the numbers don't lie - it really pays off to have your newest work online and able to be passed around to potential clients.

The solution I gave to my photographer friend was to utilize blog boards!

Blog boards are nice because you don't have to create new layouts for your photos every time. You just choose your top photos from the session and then pop them into the blog board in Photoshop. Then save the layered Photoshop file and re-use it for future posts. I think it also helps to keep your posts looking branded, clean and well organized. They can be shared easily as a collage instead of one by one, so your clients will be excited as well.

This week I added these four new fashion inspired blog boards to the shop, so you can experiment and see how much faster it makes your blog posting!

Another bonus to mention is that these boards are high quality so you are able to use them for your website, printed marketing products or even a canvas collage.

You can sort through all of the blog and social media products here!

Happy posting!

xo, Laurie

Many thanks to Oveth Photography for allowing me to use the featured images!