Refresh // Some Changes Around Here


So apparently I can't do everything.

I know, big shock right? It's amazing how often I think I can just keep adding more and more to-dos and not get stretched too thin.

To prevent that from happening yet again, I've decided to take off the next few weeks from blogging and posting new items in the shop. Here's why...


1 // We're moving! - In about 2 and a half weeks my family is packing up and moving to Omaha! Since it's a little difficult to pack, clean, have time for goodbyes and not neglect my booboos, a little bit of the business stuff needs to be put on hold.

BUT I just finished stocking the shop full of senior, branding and logo products! So you should definitely check that out if you're in need of some tools to help take the load off of your business.


2// Refresh - I really need to plan out the future and where I want to go with my business. I've been thinking about some big opportunities to work with other creatives and kind of need to put it on pause and think out the next direction. I just went through this Refresh series and was inspired to do some quick refreshing for the important areas of my life and evaluating the business side.

In the meantime,  here are some exciting things too look forward to...


Shiny New Blog - Wordpress has so many more features to make this blog even more awesome and helpful. So when I return to a more structured 5 days a week blogging next month it will be here. It's still a work in progress but you can update your feeds now!


Wedding Products - Wedding Season is coming! I'm so excited to fill the shop with some new albums, save the dates, and other fun wedding items for the summer.

Custom Wedding Albums - I've been going back and forth with the idea of offering custom wedding album design! Now that PASS makes sharing images online really simple, I'm exited to give it a try! Let me know if you're interested in custom wedding album design starting in June!

I'll still be keeping up the Facebook page in the next few weeks so come hang out!

xo, Laurie