December Goals: A Month of Sweetness


Happy December!

This week we are getting over colds and recovering from a long Thanksgiving weekend. We spent the time mostly in pjs, snuggling under blankets with books and lots of warm drinks. As much as I loved so much rest and family time, I'm a routine-girl. I'm excited to get back to normal life before the baby gets here and throws us all off again for awhile. 

For November's goals, we did a good job keeping it real food-wise with only a few exceptions (even made it through Thanksgiving without breaking our food rules) so that was encouraging! And because I decided not to take on any extra projects, the busy season in the shop has been a little easier to handle this year too. No panic attacks so far haha. Some bonus accomplishments that were not on the goal list: potty trained both kids, decorated house for Christmas, organized/washed baby gear, and got almost all Christmas shopping done on Black Friday. Score!

December Goals

Sweetness at work...

*Wrap up all New Years card designs for my Etsy Shop DONE!

*Order Powersheets for 2015 and maybe a fun planner - DONE!

*Write 3 blog posts per week 

*Finish planning workbook in time to launch for the New Year/January  - DONE!

*Have a Biz Love retreat with sisters 

Sweetness at home...

*Advent calendar with kiddies DONE!

*Finish Christmas shopping & wrapping presents this week - DONE!

*Fun winter date night out with my Stephen - DONE!

*Finish decorating baby's room with some ideas from Pinterest. - DONE!

*Make some GAPS-friendly freezer-meals for baby week  DONE!


Not really a goal but definitely on the to-do list..

*Have a baby! Little man will be here by the time I write January's goals. Crazy to think about! 

What are your plans for December? Share them so below so we can cheer each other on!  Also link up here.