Design Trends - Garden Party

1. Flower pants, 2. Spring garden, 3. Lace dress, 4. Floral Wallpaper

Flowers flowers everywhere! I love the fresh and girly feel of this spring's floral trend. It adds a natural and breezy mood to any outfit, room decor or pattern design. The pale pinks, blues & yellows also add a little different spin on the usual easter pastels.

1. Sheer floral top, 2. Flower arrangments, 3. Floral wallpaper, 4. Nature album design, 5. Flower printed pants

I especially love seeing flower patterns contrasted with black this season. Whether it's a floral printed top paired with a black leather jacket, or a sheer scarf with fresh blooms paired with black and white stripes. There's something kind of unconventional about this mix and I am really loving it.

1. Bridal shower poster, 2. Flowers and leather outfit, 3. Floral dress, 4. Nature type, 5. Leaves and stripes outfit

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What do you think of this spring's blooming trend? Would you rock a floral outfit?