Design Trends - Mint Madness

[Credit: 1. Jade Dress, 2. Green Door, 3. Neutral Bathroom, 4. Jade Invites, 5. Pantone Mug, 6. Mint Telephone]

I'm all about the color mint this spring. It's so lovely as both a neutral shade and as a pop of color. Sometimes blues and greens can come off as masculine colors but there's something oddly feminine and romantic about this hue. I love seeing mint as a shimmery eyeshadow or as the shade of a sheer fabric. It's also really pretty as a wall color or patterned background.

[Credit: 1 Business Cards, 2. Lace Dress, 3.Striped Lamp, 4.Mint Shoes, 5.Skinny Belt, 6.Lace back dress, 7.Catalog Design]

Another thing I like about mint is that it goes really well with every skin tone and just about every other color...reds, peaches, purples, yellows, navy, blacks, whites, grays and browns. This color shines as a complement to any of them. That's why it fits so well as a wardrobe piece or an accent color in any space.

What are your favorite mint items?

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