Design Trends: Oh So Retro

Everything old is new again! I love how history seems to repeat itself when it comes to fashion and design. It's very cool to see how creatives can take classic styles and make them into something new and fresh. I've been seeing a lot of these glimpses of the past lately (Anyone else notice how Marilyn Monroe seems to pop up everywhere?) and getting really inspired!

Credit: 1. VW Chartreuse Van, 2. Miss Jessie's Vintage Type, 3. DIY Bow Belt, 4. Chartreuse Wallpaper, 5. Bright Retro Style,  6. Vintage Decor, 7. Old School Packaging

Credit: 1. Vintage Wedding Invite, 2. Retro Dandelion Portrait, 3. Old Car Portrait, 4. Retro Pumps, 5. Wedding Milkshake Bar, 6. Retro Pin Curls

What's your favorite style decade? 

You can see more retro style on my Design Trends board on Pinterest.