Oxblood // Fall Moodboard

Happy Halloween! Since it's October 31, I figured it would be okay to talk about blood. Oxblood that is!

1. Dark red skinnies, 2. Oxblood armchair, 3. Fall Bordeaux scene, 4. Wine lip color, 5. Dark red hair, 6. Burgandy Nike branding

This color is everywhere all of a sudden! Sometimes it looks more like a burgundy or red wine and other times it seems almost brown. This shade is perfect for adding color to your fall wardrobe without attracting too much attention. Oddly enough I even managed to dye my hair this color by accident this week. I was going for red, but after turning it orange and purple for my first couple of tries, it settled into a pretty oxblood color. Haha.

1. Berry infinity scarf, 2. Wine nail color, 3. Oxblood satchel, 4. Burgandy blazer

I also love seeing hints of this color in decor for a cozy atmosphere and an elegant richness. It's perfect for transitioning into the Christmas season without being too bold and bright. Need more Oxblood inspiration? Check out the pinboard.

What do you think of this color? Would you decorate your house with this shade?