Design Trends - Think Positive +

Ever since I saw this crux blanket by Pia Wallen in this post over at Door Sixteen, I've been in love with cross patterns and plus sign symbols. They seem to be popping up all over from artwork to fashion to branding. The cross is such a precious symbol to me because of my Jesus and I love the reminder of what he has done for me.

1. Crux Blanket, 2. Crossed painting, 3. Crosses shirt, 4. Luke Copping Logo

I know a lot of us see this symbol and also think of the American Red Cross, lifeguards or first aid kits. It represents life, hope and refuge. Such a fun reminder to add to your living space, wardrobe or identity. Love it.

1. Medical Crosses, 2. Crux Blanket, 3. Cross Branding, 4. Plus Sign Paddle

What does this symbol mean to you?

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