DIY Instagram Memory Wall

This month one of my biggest goals is to get organized when it comes to our printed family memories. I've been married for seven years and almost all of our photos since the wedding are saved digitally. My husband and I love to look through these photos but there is just something special about a printed image, book or album you can physically see and hold. 

I eventually want to create a book for each year we've been married and one for each of our three kids. But while that's in the works, I decided to create a quick printed art piece of our favorites over the last year. And this awkward blank corner in our living room was the perfect spot...

After searching around, I realized it would be much cheaper to create an Instagram wall then to blow up a group of framed images. It ended up being the perfect solution and literally took me 10 minutes to post them all up. Here's how I did it...

DIY Instagram Wall

Step 1 // Pick out your favorite Instagram photos and upload them to Print Studio. It was seriously only $12 for 24 square prints and they were delivered in 2 days. (I actually got 48 prints total to use in other parts of the house. Cheaper than even one blown-up canvas!) 

Step 2 // Attach tape or wall adhesive to the back of your images. I used four squares of painters tape on the back of each one because it won't hurt the wall. (Tip: I tried Washi tape first but mine kept falling down after the first day.)

Step 3// Hang the prints up in a 4x6 grid or any design you want. You can use a level if you need them to be perfect or just kind of eyeball it. I'm too lazy for tools so mine aren't perfect but good enough haha. 

Step 4// Done! Take a pic and share it on instagram:) Tag me @lauriecosgroveshop so I can see! 

My design assistant :)

My design assistant :)

Other ideas for hanging your prints...wire + hanging clips, string + clothespins. or use the fridge as a backdrop + add magnets to the back of your photos. 

xo, Laurie