DIY Tribal-Painted Flower Pots

Do-it-yourself projects for me have to be simple. Like quick and easy enough to prep and paint in 20 minutes before my three babes need my assistance or decide its more fun paint the walls instead of their art projects. It also needs to look okay with imperfections because I am terrible at making straight lines and I almost never have the tools I need on hand. 

Thats why this flower pot project made me so happy - simple and awesome. Last month the kids and I did these pots with chalkboard paint which was fun but kinda boring. So I decided to fancy them up a little with color and some tribal patterns.

Here are the steps if you want to create your own...

Step 1: Gather Supplies

We just happened to have chalkboard painted pots from the last project and some fun bright color paints on hand. But you can use whatever you have. Black or white would make a good background in the middle or you could just skip this step and leave it natural. I love to use paint sponges instead of brushes because you can work fast and add a little texture.   

Step 2: Prep Your Station 

This project was super spur-of-the-moment at my house so I just threw down some grocery sacks, squirted paint and went to work. We already had seeds planted in these pots so I didn't even bother to empty them. Keeping' it simple, folks.  

Step 3: Add Color

I painted the tops of the flower pots a bright pop of color and let the kids do the plates. Any spots they missed were easy to touch up but I'm pretty sure the kids did a better job then me haha.

Step 4: Add Patterns

Next add some patterns. Urban Outfitters and Pinterest is where I found my tribal inspiration if you need ideas. Then just go to work. Don't worry about straight lines or getting things perfectly even. The tribal style looks best a little on the messy side.

Step 5: Set It Out To Dry

With so many little curious hands around, there's not a whole lot of safe places inside over here. So we just popped ours back out on the porch to dry in the sun. Super easy!

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