February Goals: Let's go!

This month has got me feeling so pumped! My word for this year is "GO" and I feel like it is already fitting so well. Last year was almost like the year of ideas. I had a million ideas and plans but It never felt like the right timing for any of them. Now I feel like God is telling me, "GO! Do those things." 

So this month, I'll be finally launching a lot of the ideas from the last year. It's scary to start new adventures but I just have to GO for it and risk messing things up. My biggest worry = letting priorities get mixed up. I never want it to feel like my family is coming in second place especially since my tiniest guy is changing so much everyday. I don't want to miss any of that so my number one reminder to self is to keep work in check:) 

The toilet paper taped to the plane and his back is "smoke." He spent all day zooming through the house:)

The toilet paper taped to the plane and his back is "smoke." He spent all day zooming through the house:)

I use Lara Casey's Powersheets for the year, so here's what's on my monthly goals list for February...

(Check out January's goals and progress here.)

-Jesus: Start each day with 15 min of straight worship music in my headphones. DONE

-Husband: "Get Pretty" challenge - Dress cute, with full hair and makeup throughout the week. (This is way harder than it sounds!) 

-Kids: Start Fruit of the Spirit preschool curriculum to help them work on attitudes.

-Home: Finish Art Print gallery wall in my dining room.

-Health: Do Ballet Bootcamp workout at least twice per week. (So excited for this!) DONE

-Design Shop: Rebrand! Update branding for all products and upload to new site. DONE-ISH 

-Print Products: Launch! Get these on the new website. DONE (Holla!)

-Blogging: Start planning video blog series. DONE

-Social Media: Setup Youtube channel for new video series! DONE

-Organize: Design shop products....all 500+ of them. Eek! DONE-ISH

What fun things are you starting this month? Any tips for launch week? Share below!

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