Friday Finds - 03.29.13

[credit: nails image]

It's Good Friday! I always have a hard time thinking of this day as "good" when I think of all Jesus went through for us. But it truly is good because we know that Sunday's coming! Today I'm listening to worship music I can dance to, cleaning my house and possibly eating some marshmallow peeps:)

Friday Finds

1. I love this Good Friday reflection by Author Ann Voskamp - When you're Tired and Torn: Why He Came

2. Starting your own business is scary! Amanda Genther shares 4 Ways to Overcome the Fear.

3. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only mess maker! Hannah Nicole and Hayley from Tiny Twig share their messes with such humility and grace.

4. Speaking of messes, these 8 steps to rescuing a room from Amy at New Nostalgia are awesome for when we finally get around to cleaning ha!

5. This handwriting statement wall from A Beautiful Mess is amazing - I so want this in my house someday.

6. Dreaming of owning in a creative studio like this one where Jasmine Star works.  Ahhh so inspiring!

7. This mint eyeshadow look is so pretty - perfect for Easter.

How are you spending this Good Friday?