Friday Finds: The Honest Company, Tomato Polish, & Notebooks

Friday Finds | Honest Company, Tomato Nail Polish + Notebooks

Friday's here! Labor Day made this week go really fast for me so I'm not complaining:)

How was your week?

Here are some of my top finds this week...

Honest Company Red Polish Notebooks

The Honest Company - My son's autism has turned me into a bit of a hippie haha. I used to roll my eyes at health trends and natural products but now I feel so much responsibility to make good decisions. I would hate for any of my own choices to negatively impact my family. All that to say, I'm LOVING the Honest Company. I've stocked up on all of their products and have been so happy with them as opposed to other natural brands. They work. They smell good. They aren't full of yuck.

Tomato Polish - This shade called E-nuf is E-nuf from Essie is my new favorite. They call it a coral on their website, but it's definitely more of a red-orange. I love when I find a color that I never want to take off. This one is such a fun color to transition rom summer to fall and the perfect amount of bright for my pale skin:)

Cheap Notebooks - This week has been all about planning and getting a vision for the fall season. If you missed yesterday's post, I shared some schedule organizing tips. I love stocking up this time of year on black and white $1 notebooks from the Back To School sales.

This week's top online finds...

The perfect mid-day dance party song Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Save articles on your phone to read later on your computer with the Pocket App

I really loved this Creating Killer Content class from the Blogcademy Homeschool.

Jess Connolly's experience with Motherhood & Business. I also took her class on the Influence Network - SO good.

I'm usually not a big fan of infographics but this one about Making Social Video Work For Your Brand has some really good ideas

What are some of your favorite finds this week? Share them with me in the comments!

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