April Goals & A Few Of My Favorite Things

Goals for April & Favorite Finds

Along with spring cleaning my house this year, I’m also doing a bit of spring cleaning with my business too. I’ve been ruthlessly clearing out, refining and revamping posts and products that just aren’t fitting well with my goals.

While I was sorting through old posts, I realized I used to do a lot more personal updates, sharing life and goals and what I was into. For one thing, I forgot how much fun that was! For another, I loved how much feedback I used to get from you and hearing YOUR goals and favorites.

So all that to say, I want to start up listing monthly goals again as well as sharing a few of my favorite things. Hopefully it can motivate us both to keep moving forward and sharing fun finds.

Current Favorite Finds

Complete Book of Home Organization & Complete Book of Clean by Bowl full of Lemons - April finds

Bowl Full of Lemons Cleaning + Organization books - These two books are awesome! I love the gorgeous photos in the organization book. The cleaning book is my favorite though and so in depth that I feel like I’ll never have to browse Pinterest for hacks again.

Sony wireless headphones - April favorites

Sony wireless headphones - I picked these up so I don’t have to carry around my phone while I listen to music, podcasts or voxer and they’ve been the BEST! They’re super comfortable so I wear them while I design, for workouts, cleaning my house, and or just blocking out the noise while I cook dinner. So worth the investment!

Brandless slow pour coffee mug - April favorite finds

Brandless mug - A simple and clean design is so appealing in my house so I tried this out. I have to say this I’m really loving this little pour over coffee mug! Also the Brandless hand soap smells amazing. We’ll both get a discount if you use this link.

April Goals

PRODUCTIVITY | Write consistent blog posts! - One thing I’m determined to stop is being inconsistent. So I’m shooting for publishing a post week for April. No excuses!

DESIGN | Create templates and tools for solopreneurs - Up until now most of my resources have been specifically for photographers. There’s a whole host of things I want to create that could be useful for bloggers, designers, coaches, etc. though so I want to create at least 3 of those product ideas.

LIFE | Workout every other day - I’ve been using the Nike Training app weekly, but I want to get more consistent here too.

WORK | Stop worrying about numbers - I’ve gotten into a bad habit of stressing too much about sales, subscribers, etc. It’s not about me and in order to bring life and joy into what I’m creating, I have to let that go.

HOME | Deep clean the main rooms in my house - I hopped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon in January and decluttered my entire house. So it’s all minimized and mostly organized, but it could use a deep clean.

Your turn! What are your goals and favorite finds this month?

Disclaimer: I’ve included certain links to products in my posts that will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make. My goal is more to share the product though so you can feel free to use the links for your purchase or not. :)