Holiday Card Templates are here!

Holiday card season is coming up and if your weather is anything like what we’ve had around here, it’s the perfect time to get family photos taken. The fall colors are beautiful in Omaha right now. My husband and I recently took a trip to Los Angeles and kept thinking, “Why don’t we live here?!” We loved everything about it. But now we’re second-guessing ourselves and admiring all of the beauty on our very own street.

If the trees in your area are looking glorious for fall, I would definitely get outside and take some photos with your fam. And this year’s newest Christmas card designs are in the shop for when you’re ready to send them off for the holidays! Here are the newest designs...


New 2017 Christmas Cards

Joyful Collection

I've been getting really into vintage typography and playing around with more hand drawn details. So this set was a really fun one to design. I drew all of the flourishes by hand and combined them with vintage style type to create a unique look. See it here.

Holiday Joy

Another fun trend I've been noticing is hints of festive florals and whimsical calligraphy. I really wanted to create a set with this look without it becoming distracting from your images. So this collection features a really fresh and minimal look with some of those fun details. See it here.

Be Merry

I've been getting a lot of feedback lately that many of you love my cards with clean layouts, bold type and pops of color. So this collection is perfect if you love this sort of contemporary style. I saw a lot of this look while in California. See it here.



I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about printing lately so here are some of my tips for how to get the best results for your cards...

| Where to Get Them Printed - I’ve tried quite a few printers since I started designing in 2011 and my first choice for my own printing is always MPIX. I love the paper quality and the color results compared to my original design. But the #1 reason is the speed of delivery. I almost always get my cards within a few days without having to pay extra for expedited shipping. Once I even got the cards the morning after I ordered them. So fast!

However, if you are also ordering photography products or prints then I would recommend Mpixpro, Millerslab, WHCC or ProDPI.


| What Paper to Choose - I prefer a really thick cardstock for my cards so that you can't see through the paper and bend easily. I usually try to find 110# or higher so they won't feel flimsy. My last few card orders were 130# and felt perfect. Linen papers are usually too lightweight for my taste and I personally think they sort of detract from the overall design. But if you have a minimal details on your card and like having a little texture these could be right for you.


| Glossy vs. Matte - For cards, I almost always choose matte and then I add UV coating for a bit of shine. This way the wording and details are clear and the colors come through nicely without being too flashy.


| What Size to Order - All of my cards are double-sided 5x7 flat cards. They can be easily resized in Photoshop if you have to do something smaller like 4x6 of 4.5x5 but I prefer the larger size. There’s a lot more freedom that comes with the extra space and it’s easier to see details in faces.


| How to Get Started Using Templates - I have video tutorials here if you'd like to see the whole process in action! Also there's a free trial of Photoshop on if you don't have the program.

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