Host A Biz Love Retreat

This post is Day #28 in the 31 Days to a Better Work + Life Balance series.

I'm a big fan of business planning. There's something about having a clear vision of how things are going and what I need to do next that makes me feel so much better. My sisters each run their own small business (here and here) so they are my go-to creatives when it comes to bouncing ideas and getting feedback for my business.

Over the last year or so, we've been getting together for Biz Love Retreats.

Basically it's a full day we dedicate to dreaming, organizing and simplifying our businesses. We complete a workbook I created together and give honest advice about each others' businesses. We like to make the process more fun by hopping around to fun places like downtown coffee shops, modern restaurants or each other's cozy houses. I LOVE this day so much because we get great tips from each other and quite a lot accomplished. I always finish the day feeling super motived and recharged.

I just updated our Biz Love workbook for this year to feature three different sessions...

Session One // Evaluate The Biz Standing

This is where we check our stats and numbers and compare them to previous years. We'll double check to make sure we're relating well to our target audiences. And we'll compare our strengths/wins with the weaknesses/losses to see what's working and what's not. 

Session Two// Evaluate The Biz Direction

It seems like every year we have fresh dreams and new ventures we want to try. This session is all about getting a clear vision for those big ideas. We'll decide what needs changed, revamped or scrapped while laying it all out in a timeline for the year.

Session Three // Evaluate The Biz Details

This is my favorite session because it'll help us get organized with goals we can put into practice immediately. I like to break our businesses into six main hubs: website, blog, social media, products + services, communication, and finances. We can take rate how each hub is doing and get feedback from each other on what to improve.

Want to host a Biz Love Retreat for your own business or creative pals? You can get the workbook here. (The digital version is free and the printed version is $15 + Shipping)