House vs. Home


We just moved into a new house! I say "just" as if it was last weekend. But actually it was over a month ago. I'm just pretending it was recent so that I can feel better about all the boxes I haven't unpacked yet!

So this new casa has everything we were hoping for - wood floors, fireplace with built-in bookshelves, open kitchen, space for more kids, etc. We've been so tempted to just empty our life savings on furniture and decor, but I've been trying to be patient by reminding myself what really makes a home. Here's my little list... Feel free to add to it in the comments!


A house can be a place we rush through, getting ready for the events in our busy schedules.

A home encourages togetherness and rest, sharing meals together and cozying up to relax after work.

A house can have restaurant quality meals 7 days a week.

A home just needs planned, healthful, favorites and maybe a few desserts to make hearts happy.

A house can feel like it needs the finest furniture, newest technology and expensive artwork.

A home is made by the little touches that calm, encourage and add ambiance like candles, music, snugly quilts.

A house can be full of the best toys and decked out playrooms with  lonely kids.

A home means taking time to play and pretend and create with each other.


A house can be full of distractions, people "hindering" the to-do list.

A home needs friends, family and neighbors to bring life to it.

A house demands to be scrubbed clean at all times, always ready for a spotless photo op.

A home is peaceful enough with cleared spaces, wiped surfaces, and enough clean clothes for the day.

A house can feel like a museum for treasures, frowning upon dirt and little explorers.

A home fosters growth, allowing a little dirt, nature and discovery inside.

A home has windows that look out at so and so, creating comparisons and Jones' to keep up with.

A home is made by our individual touches and decor that tells of our unique personalities.


A house stays locked so that people can't take advantage. Things give it worth so they are rarely borrowed or given.

A home is full of open arms, giving to the needy and relenting ownership of things. It encourages sharing with those who don't have in order to help us see what's important.

A house can be full of many rooms, walls, screens and headphones.

A home is made by relationships, being open and honest so that when life gets tough we have each other.

It's amazing how my priorities get flipped upside down sometimes after browsing Pinterest. I don't know about you but I'd much rather live in a home than a house:)

xo, Laurie