How to Get Motivated When You Feel Blah

How to Get Motivated When You Feel Blah

My husband is a man of action. Seriously. The minute he thinks of something that needs done he HAS to do it right that minute. He can't talk or think about anything else until it's done. 

Me on the other hand... am a put-er off-er. (Just made that phrase up.) Not a slacker.... a waiter. If I really don't want to do something, then it is definitely going to wait until the perfect time and it's the only thing left on my to-do list.

You can bet I drive that poor guy crazy. (Even right now, he's texting me to see if I took my flat tire into the tire shop yet. I'm waiting...until after I write a few blog posts:):)

But on the days I know I HAVE to get motivated and I don't have any excuses left to put things off, here's a little trick that helps.

Just get dressed.

That's all. Just this tiny act of getting in motion when you feel blah is such a motivator. 

When you have no energy but know you need to work out, just get dressed in workout clothes. You can even tell yourself, "I'll just do 5 minutes." Once you're dressed with music on, it puts you in the right mindset to stay with it. 

When you feel overwhelmed and your house is a disaster, just get dressed with shoes and cleaning gloves on. It seems much easier to whip that place into shape when you don't have to worry about the yuck factor. 

When your husband wants a date or your friends want to hang out and you would rather be a blob in jammies with netflix, just put on something cute. A little mascara, dry shampoo and brushed teeth goes a long way. Haha.

The same goes for going to work or trying out a new place. You don't have to be the best dressed, you just have to make the decision show up. And that small step of getting dressed really helps that positive attitude to follow.

Stay motivated! xo, Laurie