Instagram Templates + A New Addition To The Shop!

Creating Instagram Templates

It can be such a challenge to put together a branded, consistent Instagram account for your business. 

But if you're a photographer, designer, blogger, or have another type of creative business, using Instagram well can be so helpful for you to stay on your client's radar.

The challenge then is trying to stand out and be memorable. That way, people not only want to follow you, but want to know you better, do business with you and share your work.

In order for your brand to be really memorable, you want to repeatedly show up in a similar way. If you're struggling to do this, I highly recommend using templates!


Templates for Instagram

These are premade design files that you can slip your photo, quote, or promotion information into in Photoshop and then save for publishing on your Instagram account.

They are really helpful for keeping a similar style, color scheme and branded look to your feed. 

If you're into batching your work, you can also create multiple images at once and schedule them out over time to keep you consistent.


A New Addition to the Shop

I'm super excited to introduce you to a new addition to Laurie Cosgrove Design! I can not always keep up with managing all of the things and have been thinking of hiring another designer. Earlier this spring, Colsie Bowman started working with me to put together new templates and art direction. And she has been amazing!

Designer - Colsie

I especially love Colsie's Instagram templates and you can see a few of the designs she's been working so hard on...

Many of her sets include Instagram Story templates so you can also use those on a daily basis. 


Pick Up A Matching Collection

If you love the look of your Instagram templates, a few of these set are also part of a Marketing Collection, so be sure to check out that section of the shop!