Christmas Card Crunch Time: How to Get Them Done FAST.

Okay this is for all you procrastinators :::raises hand::: who have yet to put together your holiday cards.

There's no shame.

I've been designing Christmas cards since September and have I done my own yet? Nope.

If you're planning on getting a card out, this is probably one of the last weeks to do it. So I thought I'd help us out with a Christmas crunch time checklist to help us get them done FAST.

Step 1: Take a picture with your family

This does not have to be fancy. It does not have to be Instagram or Pinterest perfect. Your friends or relatives are not going to demand that everyone be smiling in matching Christmas sweaters and shiny leggings tossing snowflakes in the air. (Although that would be awesome.) Have some FUN and just get those pictures timed and taken. Your people just want to SEE you.

Step 2: Choose a card design

This is not the time to spend five hours in Photoshop creating your own masterpiece of a card. Just because you can doesn't mean you should haha. Do yourself a favor and pick a pre-designed card to customize. You can find one in my shop or in one of these talented ladies' shops here and here. (Psssst...there may be a coupon code at the end of this post.)

Step 3: Send to the printer

I highly recommend using Mpix. Nearly all of their cards ship out in 1 business day. When I ordered my son's birth announcements, I was shocked that I got to hold them in my hands the very next day after just designing them. I order from them whenever I'm in a time crunch and have been so impressed when I receive super nice quality cards right away, every time.

Step 4: Address and send

Gather your addresses, or if you're really efficient you can find them while you're waiting the 1 business day to get your cards. If you're an expert at calligraphy or hand-lettering (I'm jealous) you can make your envelopes really personal and unique by writing them all out. Otherwise have your kids stick on labels and stamps as punishment for making silly faces in every picture. Win-win either way.

Step 5: Create a keepsake

Now that your work is done, you can get your craft on and create a keepsake. I love being able to see how life has changed each year for our family and for all of our friends too. These precious relationships and making memories for years to come are some of the sweetest parts of Christmas. So don't stress about having the perfect result or even being perfectly on time with your cards. Done and documented is much better than perfect.

I'm off to go design our holiday cards. There's a 15% off coupon below to use in the shop if it's crunch time for you too. xo, Laurie

Enter code: CRUNCHTIME at checkout for 15% off your order. (Expires 12/31/15)

Featured Photography by The Schultzes and Jessica Feely.