Your Work Is Not About You... It's Bigger.

It's not about you.

Or maybe I should say, it's not JUST about you. 

We are constantly bombarded with this message or feeling that we have to be BIG. Everyone needs to know our name. We need to live our dreams and make enough money to be comfortable. We have to "make it." 

But our work is not about us. Not really. It's bigger than that. 

You matter. What you do matters. 

The truth is your work, your gifts, your life is meant for more than just you. Your purpose is so much bigger than you can even see or even imagine. 

Your work is just a small part of a much bigger story.  

God's story. He's the one who made us, gave us our gifts and desires. He's the one who gave us the people in our life and He knows who we need to reach with our work. He obviously knows how the world works because He made it all.

Even if you don't believe that, you CAN believe that there are others who are affected by your work and how you live your life.  

If we make it too much about us, we bear the weight of it all. 

If we make it too much about our BIGNESS, literally every decision we make could either make or break us. That's a pretty big burden to bear. I'm guessing that maybe you feel a little bit weighed down. 

No one can make all the right moves. No one can do every job perfectly. No one can predict how tomorrow is going to go. 

So here's what I'm proposing...

Let's forget about being BIG and important and doing everything right. Today, take a look around at all you've been given and imagine what you could be doing with your gifts. Not just for you, but for others. Ask God how you fit into His bigger story. He is not silent and He has quite a bit to say about our purpose as a part of his master plan.

May you have hope and encouragement and a lighter burden today.