July Goals & A Few Of My Favorite Things

July Goals | July Favorite Things | Laurie Cosgrove Design

Hey friend! We made it to July!

If you have little ones or grade school kids at home, you might feel like you really are a survivor! Ha.

This last month was a lesson in patience for all of us over here. At first I kept thinking, “What am I doing wrong that they constantly want to kill each other?”

But then later I’d hear them talk with the most polite, kind and gentle words and remember it’s not a lost cause. It sure feels like it sometimes though!

I hope your summer is filling up with sweet things like picnics, watermelon, sprinklers, bike rides and catching lightning bugs.

Or if you don’t have kids I hope you’re soaking up pool days, cookouts with friends, sunsets and long walks.

The days are long but time can just fly by.

July Goals | Summer Walk With Littles

Current Favorite Finds

The Happy Planner - There’s just something about colorful planners and notebooks that help me stay motivated. I picked up this one at Michaels recently and really love the disc rings and summer colors. There were a lot of cute stickers to choose from too.

Super Healthy Kids - These recipes have been my go-to resource for easy healthy recipes this summer. The fruit popsicle recipes are especially fun and summery. We’re making our way through this list for July.

The Graham Cochrane Show - If you’re in need of a free virtual business coach, this is the guy to listen to. I find so much wisdom in each one of his videos and now this new podcast. This is one I press play on immediately each week when it comes out.

The Go-Giver Book - One of the recommendations from the above podcast is this short little book I loved! You won’t find the typical business advice here, but instead a sort of “flipped-upside-down” perspective that you can apply to succeed in all areas of your life.

July Goals & Finds | The Happy Planner Sunshine Notebook

July Goals

PRODUCTIVITY | Organize My Cloud Files - I have a pretty good system for getting my computer files organized, but my Google Docs, Sheets and Notes are a mess!

DESIGN | Ipad Lettering + Drawing - I want to be able to use more hand-drawn elements in my designs so this month if I have any down time, I want to experiment more with digital drawing in the Procreate app.

LIFE | Mornings Outdoors - With these 90+ degree days, the heat and humidity can be so exhausting by the afternoon, so I want to try to wake up early and get outside to the zoo, park, or pool, asap.

WORK | Record Course Videos - I’m working on a really exciting productivity course using my FAVORITE resource Asana. I can’t wait to share it with you! It’ll be launching at the end of summer so video recording starts this month!.

HOME | Put Together Photobooks - Reading through my great-grandma’s journal last month made me realize how important to have keepsakes organized and to get photos in print for my kids’ memories. My goal is to have at least one family photobook for each year printed.


What are your goals for this upcoming month? Any favorite new finds? Share in the comments!