Little Guys Can Do Big Things Too

(If my headline has you humming Veggietales, I have a digital fist bump for you right here haha.) I love how the new year is so full of hope!

Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in our day to day life and forget what we were aiming for. Taking this time to stop and look at the long term is really good - I think it helps to make sure that we're not missing opportunities. As you're making your checklists and goals this new year, here's a fun little exercise to try:


(Power of Hope print by Lindsay Letters)

Dream Big and Be Hopeful!

List out 3 Big Ideas - things you have always wanted to do/things you've wanted for your life




(Don't be too hard on yourself if you feel yourself pushing back or feeling too small. Maybe God gave you those big ideas for a reason?)

Ask yourself the following about each idea...

1. Let's pretend we're 3 years into the future and you've accomplished this idea. What steps would you have to take to get to this point?

2. Why are you the perfect person/team for the job?

3. What resources, help or knowledge do you need first?

Now shift directions! It's not too late to begin again.

Xo, Laurie