Motivation: Living With Purpose


The above quote is from the book Start by Jon Acuff. This is a really great book I'm reading and one of the biggest things I've taken away from it so far is to live with purpose. Sometimes I can get so caught up in everything needing to be perfect or there being the perfect amount of time before I begin. But this section of the book made me realize that I don't want to wait until I'm retired with grandchildren to suddenly find time for the things that matter. I want to make time now by just starting.

It's really easy to put things off thinking that we'll have more time later or things will magically fall into place. But we aren't promised tomorrow and even if we do get to live a long life, we can't make up for lost time by cramming it all in at once. Like if I were to skip exercising for weeks and then at the end of the month run 30 miles to try to make up for every day I missed - it wouldn't work. It works the same way with our relationships and the things we want to accomplish. Instead of waiting for someday, for everything to be perfect and there to be plenty of time, just start. Take those small increments of time and create a life of purpose.

For me this means stopping in the middle of my to-do list to play with the kids instead of being so consumed by trying to make the house perfect. Or I can take 5 minutes to call and check in with family or hand-write a thank you note the moment I think about it instead of putting it off. I can greet my husband at the door every day with a hug even if it means interrupting what I'm doing. It means waking up before the sun once a week to create an extra pocket of work time on the projects I love. These little increments add up to a life full of purpose and keep us on the right track to meeting our goals.

Stay motivated! xo, Laurie