March Goals: Yes to Slacking

Last month was insane. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided on my goals but I set them REALLY high and then hustled like crazy. It was fun. (And tiring!)

Quick recap: I met my biggest goal from last month which was launching the new site (yay!) but things also got a little messy and I did in fact fail miserably along the way. I still haven't gotten around to uploading all the products but that's me letting go of perfection. 

After the site went live on Tuesday, I finished up all my custom design projects and then literally powered down my computer for two days. It was niiiiiiice. I completely forgot what it felt like to rest. (And I know that so defeats the purpose of what I'm aiming for. Not good.)  

So this month, my goals are making me a feel a little like a slacker but I'm excited! 

I use Lara Casey's Powersheets for the year, so here's what's on my monthly goals list for March...

-Jesus: Character Makeover study + Video series - DONE

-Husband: Plan some fun in-home dates. I foresee a pizza + Scrabble tournament or maybe some March Madness Bball + wings?  - DONE 

-Kids: Daily floortime with each - joining in whatever toys, games, pretending they're doing. -DONE

-Home: Create peaceful environment with my attitude, not worrying/getting irritated easily. 

-Health: Eat more real food - especially on weekdays. 

-Design Shop: Finish & post new senior templates for 2015. - DONE

-Print Products: New printable pack, brand packs & workbook finished.  

-Blogging & Social Media: Post consistently & stick to my weekly plan. - DONE  

-Organize: Computer files...they're a mess! - DONE

What are your goals for March?  Share below!

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