May Goals: It's the Little Things

Goals for May on pink post-it notes

Yay it's May!

I'm loving this season so much already. In the last week or two we've gotten in two picnics, a cookout and a night at the lake flying kites with cousins. It's been awesome to be outdoors working in the yard, getting muddy with the littles and planting flowers that I hopefully won't kill! But even the rainy days inside have been so nice - doing art projects and reading books with candles. It's the little things that make me so happy:) 

The only downside to nice weather is the lack of motivation to do design work and blog haha. But hopefully this month I can balance the two a little better.

I'm using Lara Casey's Powersheets to be purposeful with my goals so here's what I've got in mind for may...

(Check out April's Goals and progress here.)

-Jesus: Get back to doing She Reads Truth devos each morning.  

-Husband: Transition baby Simon to sleeping in the crib in his own room instead of the bassinet in ours.  (And try to stop falling asleep on the couch!)

-Kids: Intentionally teach while we work on house and yard. (This Life Skills book has been an awesome motivator.)

-Home: Finish dining room frame wall. It's so close! 

-Health: Eat more GAPS/SCD style meals. We saw such amazing results when we did this for 12 weeks (even without the intro and breaking a few rules) this last winter. Getting back to a typical American diet has got us all addicted to sugar and feeling gross again.

-Shop: Finish social media printables (almost done) and plan summer photography templates!

-Blogging: Post 3x a week by sticking to my editorial calendar. No more slacking!

-Growing Business: Sketch & design ideas for the collaboration project with Nudge Media Design (This is still super secret! Hopefully sharing details soon). 

-Memories: Organize family photos to print some photo books! Can't wait to do this!!

-Others: Mail a few fun surprise packages for our friends and family that live out of state.

What are your goals for May?  Share below!