Mondays Are Messy #3


Happy Monday friend!

Today is the best day to not worry about life's messes and ease into the week. I'm all about flip-flops, ripped jeans and sunglasses on Mondays. (And lets face it, just about every other day during the summer!) 

My mess this week comes in the form of Laundry! I'll spare you the pic but you know it's bad when the kids want to dive in the piles. Usually I try to get it done Sunday nights to start the week off right, but I got distracted by Facebook and looking at old photos (husband's fault). 


Speaking of messes, if you need to put off dealing with yours for a little longer, this youtube channel shares really fun tips to keep your space clean. Learning how to organize is almost as good as actually organizing, right?;)

Other messy moments for us around here...

-The vacuum blew up. Apparently you need to empty it out every now and then.

-Stinky shoes. That's what happens when you let kids wear shoes to the park without socks on.

-Realizing I didn't accomplish a single one of May's goals. Whoops. Redo!

-Baby drool. Simon's teething is out of control. Once again, it's a good thing he's cute.


Here are a few fun things to jumpstart your week:

This messy side-bun is super simple and pretty. Might be the next go-to look for summer. 

Wake music video to get your off your seat.

Work Smarter with this little book of best apps and resources for entrepreneurs.

Have a great week!

xo, Laurie