Monday Are Messy #1


Monday is by far the messiest day of our week around here. I don't do my usual cleaning and decluttering routines over the weekend and so the place just kind of blows up ha. It's always the day I've got the sweatshirt, messy bun and chucks look because getting us all in order again takes way too much work to care about style. 

In case you've had enough Pinterest-worthy pics this week, I thought I'd let you in on my mess and share what our place looks like after a wild weekend:

Minion sighting! If you follow me on Instagram you might've seen Micah's Minion Valentine box we made. I'm not sure when it happened but on the day of his class party, he managed to smuggle a banana on the bus by shoving it through that tiny minion mouth hole. (Who needs Valentine's candy?) 

Other messy moments this week...

-Still having a bowl of Christmas ornaments decorating my living's almost March y'all!

-The never ending sock predicament. Seriously there is never a match but if I find one, it's sure to have a hole in the toe. (Where do they all go??) Our low point this week: I was wearing Stephen's, Ari was wearing the baby Simon's and Micah was forced to wear slippers for most of the day.

-Realizing I paid extra money for a company to add water to my juice. Stephen pointed out that the Motts for Tots I bought has 40% less sugar because it's watered down. Fail! 

-Thinking we saw a spider on the ceiling and having a screaming party only to decide it was just a dirt spot. Ari made sure to announce to anyone visiting, "We have a dirty spot! Right there! It's dirt!"

(In case you were worried - we did eventually pick up, see?)

Here are a few happy things to jumpstart your week:

- How to Deal With Competition Like a Pro. 

- It's impossible not to move to this video from Rend Collective.

- Go get this book and make some good use of your Fringe Hours.

- You CAN dress comfy and cute at the same time - How to Elevate Your Sweats

-This quote: "No one can go back and make a new start. But everyone can start now and make a new ending." - Lecrae

Have a great week!