Monday Are Messy #2


Happy Monday to you!

It's spring break this week and so we are rocking this Monday in slippers. We'll probably be wearing lots of jammies and spending lots of time at the park this week. I've also been away from my favorite beanie (got left at my sisters house) so we have a lot of catching up to do.

The last messy Monday post, I shared how my place always seems to explode into a giant disaster over the weekend. Blame it on the extra people around or the lack of cleaning routine but by Monday, it's bad. Here's just one example... I was so proud of getting all of our bins toys perfectly organized and then within 15 minutes, it looked like this:

The baby Simon - If you follow me on Instagram you might've seen glimpses of this cutie getting bigger by the day. He'll be 3 months next week and is holding toys like a boss. This guy has been extra messy because I accidentally ordered the big box of diapers a size too small. I was not about to let 80 diapers go to waste but it just meant dealing with the major blowouts. Good thing he's cute, right?


-Boy undies on the floor. Micah's favorite thing to do when he gets home from school is pull everything out of his backpack including the extra set of clothes + undies he has to bring just in case. The result: undies in the middle of the floor and making visitors feel awkward while I assure them, "I promise, they're clean!"

-Cleaning out the cake pop graveyard in my car. Ari loves to eat the outside of the Starbucks' cake pop and then when she gets to the middle, she'll chuck the leftovers from her carseat. I can never catch her in the act and end up with a backseat full of cake pop middles. 

-Taxes, taxes, taxes. We filed ours this week so they are done (yay!) and the ridiculous paper pile is filed away. 


- Monday dance party! You can go ahead and geek out with this video. 

- Love Skip Jump - This book if you are in need of a super inspiring read.

- Need a little flirty and fun storage container? Easiest DIY ever. 

- I loved this tribute to Downton Abbey's fashion

-This quote: "God's grace is and always will be greater than our shame." - Colton Dixon

Have a great week!