Fresh Air // September Moodboard

Fresh Air | September moodboard featuring outdoors and earthy muted colors

Figs // Sweater // Nectar & Green Logo // Pottery // Open Window // Coffee, Lakes & Campfires Tank // Your Local Stationary // Driftwood Tales Logo

I think today's moodboard is probably going to seem like a weird mix to everyone but me haha. It's been really rainy and foggy and cool around here. So I've been torn between this feeling of wanting to design near an open window with a blanket and coffee...and the feeling of wanting to go camping or canoeing on the lake. Color-wise I've been drawn toward all of these earthy olives, muted blues and bright berries. I'm liking the mix of really strong simple type and kind of messy, scripty handwriting.

What have you been drawn toward this season? Share your favorites below!