Motivation: Are You Playing By The Rules?

What are you NOT doing because everyone else avoids it? Is there something deep down that tells you, "This is the way things should be done" but you don't listen because no one else does things this way? Maybe you are playing by rules that NEED to be broken.

This weekend I watched this online Workshop on CreativeLive with Tamera Lackey (Who is AWESOME by the way). She shared about how when first working in sales and marketing she followed all the rules and methods she was supposed to when dealing with clients. She countered every negative response and said all the pre-programmed things salespeople are supposed to say. But then she realized it wasn't working. She needed to stop playing by the rules. Once she started being herself and dealing with people in the way she normally would, she started to succeed. It really stuck with me that there are some rules that just don't need to be followed.

What does this mean for you? Are you going through the motions or doing things that seem forced to you? What could you do to change your methods and start from a more natural perspective? Maybe the one thing you're avoiding is the one thing that would make you stand out.

For me this means I need to stop trying to be a designer that meets everyone's needs like most shops try to do. Instead I want to try to focus on the areas that I naturally do well - specializing in a certain style. I've realized that people seem to like the designs best that come from my heart anyway.

Does that make sense? Let's stop forcing things and try to think outside the box this week!

Stay motivated!