Motivation: Hall of Fame

{source: Oveth Photography}

When you're running your own business or blog, it comes so naturally to think about "making it." We start to count down the days until we're at the top, making the big bucks, getting more well known and standing with the best of the best. The song "Hall of Fame" by the Script comes to mind - this idea of trying harder, working longer, and pushing limits until you're where you want to be. I really like that song and though it's inspiring to think of living your dreams, there's a problem I noticed creeping in.

At what point will we really make it? Does that goal even exist? Is one gold medal good enough? Is X amount of followers or money or fame good enough? Or are we just driving ourselves away from our own life?

Here's another example...

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "If I just get _______, I'll be happy." Fill in the blank: "If I just get on this top 10 list...if I just get in this magazine...if I just earn this amount...if I just get on this team...if I just earn the respect of these people...if I just...if I just...if I just..."

This idea can drive you to do more, work harder, spend longer hours and stretch yourself so thin that you don't even realize the time going by. Or maybe your family and friends are fading into the background. But that's not why you started, is it? At one time or another, you actually enjoyed what you were doing for the sake of doing it. You wrote because you liked to write. You took photos because you loved taking photos. You designed, decorated, created, ran marathons, etc. because you were passionate about it. Or maybe you do still love what you do, but getting to that next step is consuming your mind so much that you are starting to feel negatively about where you're at now.

My challenge for myself today is to be content. To stop striving and just enjoy doing what I do, not worrying about where I could be or stressing about where I'm not. Feel free to join me and challenge yourself if that's what you need too!

Stay motivated! xo, Laurie