Motivation: Is Your Multitasking Helpful or Harmful?

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Are you a master of multitasking? I used to be so proud of all of the things I could attack at once...listening to music, cleaning the kitchen, making dinner, checking emails, entertaining babies and chatting with my husband all at the same time. And then whenever he was concerned I wasn't really listening, I'd just smile and throw out my favorite response,"I'm multitasking! Girls can do that."

And we can, can't we? 

Women are pros at thinking a million miles a minute and accomplishing many different things at the same time. But sometimes all of this "accomplishing" can actually be bad for us. Here's why... Just like house clutter can be visually stressful, mind clutter adds to our stress levels and our brains can get clogged. We've trained ourselves to be constantly checking our phones, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and we can't just be still in the moment. Even sleeping can be tough because our minds are programmed not to shut down.

Can you relate to this feeling?

Maybe we need to give our tired brains a break! So here's my goal for this week if you want to join me: Let's focus our attention as much as we can on ONE task at a time - Set a timer and just do 15 minutes of one thing and then move on. If we get eight hours of sleep, that leaves 64 fifteen-minute increments left in the day to work and rest. That's a lot of things checked off the list if we can just hash out one thing at a time, and I'm betting we will probably be even more productive.

Stay motivated!