Motivation: Say Nice Things

"Did you see her stupid duck hairstyle?"

"Yeah, I can't believe she spent the whole wedding like that."

:::catty laughter:::

"I know, right? And she thought it looked really good. Some people have no fashion sense at all."

:::more catty laughter:::

"What a loser."

I spend an hour twice a week working on my designs at a little coffee shop in town. On the days that I forget to bring headphones it's really hard not to eavesdrop on conversations going on around me. The conversation from this particular table of girls beside me today really made me feel sad.

I don't know these girls or the friend that they were talking about. I don't know any of the other countless friends they brought up and bashed throughout the hour that I was there. But I felt so disappointed in these girls who were right around my age and should be more mature than this. Shouldn't spiteful gossip and rude comments end in high school?

I feel a challenge coming on.

Honestly, I think all girls including myself can fall victim to trash talking each other.

But the truth is that it doesn't make us more relatable, more admired or more "in the know."

It makes us look desperate, shallow and insecure.

If we can't look at our friend and see the beauty in her or see the way she is unique and loved by God, then there is something seriously wrong with us. 

Not her.

Don't you love being around the true friend - the woman who always has encouraging words? The one who always sees the great qualities in others? The one who tries not to care about her status, looks, and popularity but instead spends her time teaching and building you up?

My challenge for myself (and for you if you're willing) this week is to be the true friend.

Say nice things.

(And mean them).

It's amazing how much we can grow and accomplish when we encourage one another.

Stay motivated! xo, Laurie