New Video Class! Learn How to Create Type Prints for Your Wall

I've been hearing from a lot of you that you'd love to see more video tutorials around here. But the truth is I've always been too nervous/overwhelmed at the idea to give it a try. Over the last few months though I have fallen in love with Skillshare - an online community where you can learn amazing skills in as little as an hour by watching video classes.

In that short time, I've already experimented with learning photography, handlettering, inking, instagram, t-shirt design, animation, website design, pattern illustration, and imovie classes.

And now I'm trying my hand at teaching a few classes myself!

A week ago I launched my first class and would love for you to check it out! Here are the details...

Typography Wall Art:

How to Create Fancy Art Prints for Your Home or Shop

In this class I'll be teaching you how to put your best quotes, taglines or phrases into a fancy design for your wall. In just one hour you'll learn...

  • Basic design rules to follow when laying out your wording

  • Three fun ideas for bringing your type to life in Adobe Photoshop

  • Ideas for how to print, display and sell your finished artwork

Create multiple art prints in Photoshop to bring motivation to your workspace or some fun additions to your gallery wall at home. You might even end up creating your own online shop of prints.

Photoshop beginner? Stop getting stuck with these 5 Basics of Photoshop That Can Trip Up Beginners.

These are some of the type prints you’ll learn how to create in a little over one hour.

Want to join? If you use this link to sign up for Skillshare, you'll get your first month free!

See you in class!