New Graduation Announcements!

Can I just stop and get a high-five? Okay I'm done haha. I've been really kicking procrastination's booha lately and finishing all kinds of senior announcements! It feels so great to get these designs done when they've been rolling around in my head for a few days.

Here are two new card collections I added this week (and three more are just about finished so check back soon!).

Live It Up Collection | Buy Here

Going Places Collection | Buy Here

[Many thanks to Oveth Photography for these amazing images]

The key for me is to set up a quick style board like this one...

I usually find inspiration for designs in pieces - a color scheme here, a graphic element there, etc. So I started putting together style boards for each new design collection. That way I'm not looking at a blank screen when I sit down to design. I just add in ideas as I go and then when it comes time to design the actual cards, I just fill in any missing details and go!

For all of you seniors counting're looking at about 6-8 weeks! What are your big plans for graduation?